World of Flavours FAQs

World of Flavours FAQs

Here are the answers to all your important questions:

1. Do I need tickets for this event?

No, this is a ticketless event. If someone is trying to sell you tickets, that’s a scam. You can just go to the event. Easy.

2. What time is the event?

We officially open at 10am and end at 4pm

3. Where is the event going to be held?

At Auckland Showgrounds, Hall 6. It is the first building to your right when you enter the main gate. We have indoor and outdoor merchants — the back parking will have several food trucks.

4. Is the event still a go if it rains or is windy?

Yes, most of our merchants are indoors in Hall 6 and those outside are in food trucks.

5. How many days will the event be for?

Just this one day, so don’t miss out! 13th of April (Saturday)

6. Is there vegan / vegetarian / gluten-free/ halal food at the event?

We’ve tried be as diverse as possible not just in flavour and cuisine representation, but also in catering to different dietary requirements. So simple answer, yes! We have vendors that are vegan, gluten-free, halal and some that are offering these options.

7. Is there parking?

Yes, Auckland Showgrounds has parking but it is NOT free. When you enter, you will get a ticket. Car parking will be charged $6 for the first hour, $2 per hour thereafter up to a maximum of $20. There may be free parking close to the area and around Cornwall Park.

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